Mogle Bottled water manufacturing is one of the major business units of Abbahawa Trading PLC.
In efforts of diversifying its businesses, Abbahawa Trading PLC has broadened its scope from the import and export business, and set its sights on the manufacturing sector, engaging in purified and bottled water manufacturing under the name “Mogle Bottled Water Manufacturing” with a product brand name “One Water”.
One Water is currently among the well-recognized brands in the market, offering the various sizes of its premium water for about 6 years.

Our water bottling plant was established with the intentions of investment and job creation, which we take into our hearts and culture. The initial venture cost was upwards of 2.3 Billion Birr. Today, One water has more than 650 employees and has created job opportunities for over 1000 individuals.
One water is also very active in its societal responsibilities. Learn more about our efforts in our News page.



The factory is located in the heart of Sebeta, South west of Addis Ababa. It rests on a vast 75,000 m2 plot of land with built up area of 35,000 m2 having 6 production lines with a manufacturing capacity of 120,000 Bottles Per Hour (BPH).

In addition, there is the 5-gallon Jar production machine, a uniquely modern fully automatic non-returnable one-way production line with the capacity of 1,100 jar per hour. The distribution of products is supported by the more than 100 delivery SINO, ISUZU FSR, ISUZU NPR (Van) and 30 Manitou (France) Electrical forklifts, a fleet dedicated to dispatch at all corners of the nation.

There are 5 lines of Preform Manufacturing Machineries with 312 Cavities; and 3 lines of Cap (Closure) manufacturing machineries with 96 cavities, resting on 30,000 m2 plot of land with built up area of 17,000 m2. In addition, the Jar preforms are manufactured with the 2 lines at a capacity of 48 cavities along with the jar cap production machine at a capacity of 24 cavities.

Our mission is promoting healthy lifestyle by providing our customers with quality and affordable bottled water, meeting our corporate social responsibilities.

To be one of the leading five bottled water manufacturer in Africa.


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